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Student Voice

Student Voice
What is Student Voice?

The term "Student Voice" describes how students give their input to what happens within the school and classroom. Our desire in St. Mary’s is for students to know that their expertise, opinions and ideas are valued in all aspects of school life. Student Voice permeates all levels of our work together, from students participating in small group classroom conversations to students partnering in curriculum design or establishing school policy.

Why is Student Voice Important?

Research indicates that student achievement and engagement increases when students have more ownership of their school community. In St. Mary’s academic achievement is central to our mission statement and the student voice can play a role in supporting this. The Student Voice reinforces that:

  1. What students have to say matters in how learning happens.
  2. Students have untapped expertise and knowledge that can bring renewed relevance and authenticity to classrooms and school efforts.
  3. Students benefit from opportunities to practise the problem solving, leadership and creative thinking required to participate in a decision-making school community.
What are the benefits of the Student Voice Forum?

In St. Mary’s we are in a process of ongoing review and improvement and the student voice is critical to that process. The student voice informs policy and planning at whole school level and facilitates pedagogical change in the classroom.

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